Annuities and Pension

Pension plan is a retirement account that is offered by the employer to an employee for the employer’s benefits, and an annuity is an insurance product which a person gets by purchasing a contract.


  • Opportunity to save towards a deferred regular annuity
  • Lump sum or annual premium payment can be applied for deferred regular annuity
  • No medical examination is required
  • Target income at retirement can be flat or increasing at 5% or 10% annually
  • A plan for your retirement is developed
  • Premium payment is flexible – annual or single for deferred annuity.
  • Guaranteed regular income till death guaranteed for 10 years and thereafter guaranteed for life Flexible Annuity Plan
  • Death benefits payable if it occurs during and after deferment.
  • Surrender value options available for deferred annuity after one year
  • Annuitant’s life assurance cover option available
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